Hello! I’m Michelle and I’m a maker.

I love to create functional art, and am most inspired by the materials themselves.

I use vintage fabrics that remind me of childhood to create simple gifts that show off the unique beauty of the fabric itself.

When working with clay, I love to make everyday items – like mugs that feel cozy in your hands. My favorite decorations show off the natural beauty of the clay. I love speckled clay, bright underglazes carved back to reveal the natural clay color, and earth-toned glazes that break over texture.

I love to create one of a kind items and love custom projects. Please contact me if you have a project idea that I can help you bring to life.

How it all began:

I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. It began as a small child, when my mother and grandmothers taught me to sew, crochet, and be crafty in general. I never stopped sewing. It’s one of my great loves.

In high school, an amazing teacher encouraged me to explore page layout and design, which ultimately led me to pursue a BFA in digital design. By day, I work in marketing as a graphic artist for a SAAS company in Dublin, Ohio.

And, in 2015, just for fun, I enrolled in an evening ceramics class. I instantly fell in love with clay and have been exploring this new (to me) medium ever since with the help of an excellent teacher and a cherished group of friends/classmates/artists who push me to learn and grow every day.

In 2016, a friend asked to purchase a few ceramic holiday ornaments from me. Several months later, I listed those ornaments online and spent the 2017 holiday season cutting, decorating, and firing those little beauties. Soon after (with the help of my super supportive husband and ultra-handy dad), I converted my little basement crafting/sewing room into an in-home ceramics studio and Riverlane Studios was born.