Speckled Clay

I have been playing with different clay bodies over the past few months, and it’s been quite the experience. I’ve had some tragedies. But, I’m learning a bunch. The science of clay is fascinating. I may never really figure it out, but I can certainly learn, take notes, and keep trying new things.

What I know for sure – I’ve fallen in love with speckled brown clay. Completely in love. 

I bought my potter’s wheel used off Craigslist. When I went to pick it up, the guy who sold it to me (Adam) just kind of pushed a box of clay my direction and asked me if I wanted it. So, of course, I took it. Free clay? YES, PLEASE!

Little did I know that bag of clay was speckled brown clay. I just kind of started playing with it, and out of the kiln came gorgeous speckled goodness.

It’s one of my very favorite things.




I was walking up to the grocery store and saw some adorable clay pumpkins. I picked one up, looked it over, considered purchasing it, and then I thought: “I’d really rather try to make one.”

So, in my next ceramics class, I sat down and attempted to throw a really big closed form, to be altered into a pumpkin. It didn’t go so well. So, I wedged up a much smaller lump of clay, and threw a small closed form… and then a few more.

A week or two later, I trimmed a foot ring onto each of them, then pressed grooves into the sides and twisted up the stems. My pumpkins were born!

I cut open the tops, and carved faces into them when they were leather-hard, then underglazed them in a few different shades of orange.

I fell in love with the end product.

I only made 5 of these little babies. (The happy one makes me giggle.) Three had carved faces, and two stayed whole. (Those two made excellent candy dishes!) A few of them went to live with my mom and step mom and a couple stayed with me. I had several requests for them, so next fall, I’ll have to make a few to sell.