Studio Tour

I talked about wanting a potter’s wheel for a while. I think my husband’s eyes got a little wider each time I mentioned it. I knew I could not afford a new wheel, and that even if i got a great deal on a used one, there were some concerns about having a potter’s wheel in our house.

At this point, I was already making ornaments from slabs in the house. It was messy, and i was being very careful with cleanup and disposal of the clay because I was worried about clay getting into our pipes.

One night, I wasn’t sleeping well, and I was laying in bed looking at my phone. I did a quick Craigslist search (which I did often) for a potter’s wheel, and one popped up! It was in Richmond, Indiana. So, my next search was driving distance to Richmond. It was closer than I thought!

So I messaged the seller, and by noon the next day, I was discussing logistics with my husband.

The following day (Sunday), I got up, drove to Richmond, and exchanged a handful of cash for a dirty wheel, a stack of bats, 25 lbs of clay, and a stool. Then I turned around and drove home.

Over the next 6 weeks ago, my home studio came to life.

I got a great deal on some discontinued click-together vinyl floor tiles. I put that down to protect the wood flooring in our finished basement.

My dad came over and helped me hang drywall under the stairs, plumb and install a new sink, build a clay trap to protect our pipes and hang a new light fixture.

A few days later, I found an old used cabinet and installed it next to the sink with a piece of inexpensive countertop.

I also installed a bunch of shelves on the wall to hold my glazes and underglazes, and give me a place to dry my pieces before taking them to be fired at a local ceramic supply shop.

Of course, no creative space is complete without a little creativity on the walls. I hung a watercolor Picasso quote I painted a couple years ago, and this adorable little “It’s Just Clay” sign my good friend Meghan, owner and artist at Brothers & Brushes made for me.

Of course, while my little studio is actually pretty spacious, I had to expand a little outside of my room, just for the sake of efficiency.

For a while, I had all of my shipping supplies tucked in a corner of my studio, and all of my finished pieces wrapped up and in plastic tubs in storage. Every time I received an order, I had to go hunting for a piece and dig out packing materials. I tucked a little packing station in the corner of our basement bar area, and built some shelves to store my finished pieces. (The shelves are pretty bare right now, but I have new things in progress!)

I’m pretty delighted with my little studio and I have some ideas in mind to make it even better very soon.