All the Tiny Pots

I love throwing tiny. Trimming tiny, on the other hand, is a bit of a struggle. I can’t tell you how many tiny pots I’ve cut right through while trying to put a foot on them. Whoops!

Last week, my husband was out of town, which gave me an excuse to spend lots of time in the studio (without feeling guilty that I’m spending no time with him). I wasn’t feeling mugs or bowls or detailed stuff like teapots and lidded jars. I wanted to just get out of my head and throw.

Tiny pots were just the thing. They’re all different, and I threw them off the hump, so I made dozens of them very quickly – all little bitty vases and planters and bowls, none more than 3-4 inches tall. (Watch a super-speed video of me throwing them on Instagram.)

After drying for a couple days, I got them all trimmed, and underglazed about half of them for a little color blocked style, then sent them off to be fired.

I’ll update you later with finished picture, once I get them all glazed and shiny.