Holiday Ornaments

These little letter ornaments, and the support of some awesome friends, started this adventure. I made this first batch in the autumn of 2016 to give to my family for Christmas. In September, upon request of a friend, I posted a photo of them on Facebook and Instagram and they kickstarted Riverlane Studios.

I made a big batch and listed them on Etsy. Since then, I’ve shipped them all over the United States.

I expanded to other shapes, including snowmen, snowflakes, dog bones, paw prints, reindeer and more. Then, I experimented with a variety of different paints that are advertised to be permanent on glazed ceramic, glass and porcelain so I could customize the shaped ornaments on the fly. (Some of these products should definitely not be advertised as permanent.)

I found just the right material, and started personalizing ornaments in person at craft shows and for orders sold online. The paint is permanent, scratch resistant, and dries quickly. I haven’t done extensive testing yet, but it seems to withstand standard wear. (Though I don’t think I would trust it in a dishwasher.)

I’ve also received custom requests for some really creative designs and have been delighted to bring those to life.

I’m looking forward to making another big batch for the 2018 holiday season, including many more custom items, new shapes, and maybe even some sculpted ornaments.

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