How I Learned

March Meet the Maker – Day 14

I started taking classes at the Cultural Arts Center with a friend just for fun in 2016. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with clay. After a couple months, I sat down at the wheel and then I was truly smitten. The flexibility and magic of this medium had me entranced. And, I have this amazing teacher – Sandy.

She pushed me to learn more and more. When she decided I had made enough mugs and small lidded pots, she challenged me to make a casserole dish. So I did. Then it was a teapot. And I did. And she keeps challenging me to do more and throw bigger (or smaller) and grow and grow every week. I still take that class at the CAC — every Thursday, and Sandy had become my beloved mentor and friend. I’ve also made some incredible friendships in that class. Some of my nearest and dearest friends are my brothers and sisters in clay, who I wouldn’t know if not for our time together in that space.

If you’re in Columbus, and curious about clay (or drawing, painting, jewelry making and more), I highly recommend classes at the CAC. Come open-minded and ready to learn. It’s not easy, but it’s accessible to anyone who is willing to work