March Meet the Maker

I’ve decided to participate in March Meet the Maker. It’s a series of prompts designed for Instagram, to help get to know makers. I’m going to use some of them as blog posts as well. As I write them, some seem to be too long for just Instagram. So, here they are. I don’t promise to post each one to the blog, but many…

Day 1: Favorite to Make

Teeny tiny tea sets…. These have been my favorite to make for a while. I discovered teapots when my instructor at the Cultural Arts Center gave us a teapot studio challenge. We were all to create teapots for an upcoming student art show.

So, together, we all learned teapots. It was tricky, but we had a great time.

Then, I decided I wanted to make one tiny. Tiny tea was the best kind of tea, after all. And now, I can’t stop. I love making tiny tea sets.

I throw all the pieces “off the hump,” and trim each one and pull the handles just like for full size cups and saucers. I either throw or hand-build the tray. Sometimes I find a cute metal tray and use that. I used to pinch each spoon into shape, but I now have a hand-carved plaster mold that I use to make the tiny spoons. I usually paint little flowers or other motifs on them with underglazes and glaze them clear, though I’ve also done all over color glazes on them.

These tea sets are made to order upon request, in any combination of colors or designs my customers want. I’ve made little camping/mountain themed ones, and brightly colored geometric sets, and pink flowered ones. Each one just as cute as the one before.