Not So Glam Side

March Meet the Maker – Day 7

Not so glam side: There is actually a lot of “not so glam” that goes into pottery (or any one-person maker small biz). I’m not just the artist, I am responsible for everything from mopping the floor and installing HVAC to bookkeeping and heavy lifting.

So for this topic, I give you a picture of my (not glam at all) shipping station with my toolbox and laptop…
I m the marketing, sales and finance departments. I’m also shipping, customer service and production. I do all the cleaning and the repairs. I DO get some help! I wouldn’t be where I am without my dad’s handiwork and my husband’s heavy lifting or my mom and friends assisting at events.

And it’s all worth it. I’ll gladly do the jobs I hate most, like cleaning the clay trap under my sink every 6 months, and carrying boxes of clay and pots up and down the stairs — even maintaining quickbooks — in order to keep making art everyday. Life is full of work that isn’t so glamorous (someone has to clean the litter boxes). I try to keep learning every step of the way, whether it’s how to properly re-wire a kiln, how to better stay on budget, more efficient ways to maintain my studio or a new throwing technique. I’ll always have room to grow.