Story Behind My Name

March Meet the Maker – Day 9

Naming a business is HARD. It has to be pronounceable, easy to spell, have an a available web address, and ideally, it would say a little about who you are or what you do. I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember, and I’ve sold at craft shows for years, but it wasn’t always pottery. My first side hustle was called “Stiches and Icing” because I sewed and make cakes. Then there was “OH, Button!” In which I made and sold all things adorned with buttons — jewelry, little bags… there were a lot of things. When I started working in clay, I didn’t plan on starting up a little pottery biz, but here we are! (Scroll back a few days for that story.)

At the time, my Etsy shop was filled with 2 categories of things — items made with vintage fabrics, and pottery. I’m also a graphic designer and was considering freelance work at the time. OH, Button obviously wasn’t working anymore. I wanted a name that would be an umbrella over all the things I was doing or might do going forward. There was no guarantee the clay biz would take off. But my last name is NOT easy to say or spell and my first name is way too common.

So after much thought, it dawned on me that I have a pretty cute and pronounceable street name. And — I work from my home. I actually liked Riverlane Clay much more, but switched it to Riverlane Studio because it was more inclusive of whatever whim my crafty little hands wanted to create. Then, the husband (who is a writer and director by night) suggested we add an -S, so when he produces a screenplay, we can roll it all up under the same name. (Yes, that’s really why it’s plural.) It’s also why my logo is a house.

So here we are. Riverlane Studios. Consider yourself welcomed into my home every time you wrap your hands around my mugs.